Doing Some Major Office Renovations

I am currently shopping for office partitions as well as office screens. I feel that it is time to do some major renovations in our office.

We are not really a big company but ever since we started last 2001, we have been growing in both profit and number of employees. Of course, as the owner of the company, I cannot help but to feel happy and excited about the progress that we are enjoying. However, growth comes with big responsibilities too. It is important that I make sure that my people are working in a favourable condition and environment. Therefore, I decided to renovate the office.

We need to create more space in the office so I am looking for full glass office partitions as well as more storage boxes to keep the place clutter-free. I am also planning to create a more modern look for our office.

I am very sure that my employees will be more inspired to work in a beautiful and comfortable office space.

Five years ago, I started a small SEO Consultation Firm. We were just renting an office space since we started with small number of people. We were just four in our team. Now, we are already close to 20 people so I am looking for office partitions to use in our new office.

I decided few months ago that it is already time to build our own office space. Our team is already growing so it would be best to transfer to a new workplace that is spacious and comfortable for everyone. I consulted our accountant and he mentioned that we are capable of buying a new office space. Therefore, we are already saying goodbye to the tiny office space that we are renting.

Few weeks to go until the preparations for the new office space are finally complete. I cannot explain how excited I am because as you know, the company is like my own baby – it is very special to me. I am happy that we are doing great progress.

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