Making Way for New Office Furniture

I was away for a week on business and when I got back, I was surprised to see that they have installed new office furniture. I have heard about their plans of finally upgrading office equipment and fixtures for two months now. I did not know they were having it this first quarter. Most of my coworkers have already packed and transferred their things. I’m glad our secretary already took care of transferring all my physical files and folders. All I need is to clear my desk. While doing so, I was transported back through time. Beneath my stash of paper and documents were some photos of my kids when they were still young. There was also a picture of me and my wife in front of the Eiffel Tower. Now, the kids are all grown up and have families of their own. I am going to bring home the pictures. I am sure my wife will be happy to see them.

I decided that I am ready to put up my own business. It has been a year since I first thought about starting my own company. However, I made sure to prepare first. My friends gave me advices about how to save on office fitouts costs. They told me that learning things about layout, detail, floor, services and market conditions planning would help me avoid significant costs. Of course, it is very important to be practical nowadays so as much as possible I tried to listen to their advices.

I want to have a nice-looking, comfortable and conducive office not only for myself but also for people who will be working with me. It is a good thing that one of my colleagues knows professional concept office company that can help me plan for my office.

They will be sending fit out proposals next month that includes sketch plan, condition report and indicative budget for the construction of the said plan. Well, I am looking reading it to see the whole concept for the new office.

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