Starting a Small Company With Friends

My friends Jim and Devon asked me to join them in the small business that they are planning. We are web graphic artists so they decided to start our own company. I find the business plan interesting, so I agreed. We are now buying office furniture and other appliances that we need for our office. Yes, we already found a small office space that we could use.

We used to work as freelance web graphic artists. It was fun since we do not have specific working hours to follow. We just work per project and according to deadlines. However, my friends realized that we are not getting any younger so we need stability in our life. Instead of waiting for projects to come, they thought, it would be better if we start to offer our services to different clients and big companies that want to penetrate the online market.

I am glad that they decided to include me in this beautiful plan. I promise to do my best to contribute to the success of our company.

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